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Porsche 911: The Definitive History 1997 to 2005


Porsche 911: The Definitive History 1997 to 2005 (Updated and Enlarged Edition) is the fifth volume in Brian Long’s series chronicling, in definitive depth, the history of the evergreen Porsche 911, from the earliest design studies to the …

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Vintage Volkswagen Beetle Accessories


There is even a market today for people who collect these accessories without installing them. In Vintage Volkswagen Beetle Accessories, which is authored by veteran VW historian Stephan Szantai, a whole range of accessories are covered.

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Quarter-Mile Mustangs


Quarter-Mile Mustangs: The History of Ford’s Pony Car at the Drag Strip 1964-1/2-1978 brings forth the most in-depth coverage of these cars at the drag strip. Don’t get caught sleeping at the light!

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